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Welcome to Papaya, a small and cosy lunch café in the heart of Ekenäs. We hope to be your number 1 choice when it comes to picking where you will enjoy your lunch.

Our mission is to offer fresh, healthy and hearty lunches using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. We make a lot from scratch (try the home made salad dressings we offer daily with our salad buffet, or the popular buttermilk cheese we occasionally serve!) and we like to try out different recipes, in addition to a few favourite dishes that make a reappearance on the menu every now and then.

We always use full fat milk, organic eggs, full cream and butter for that wholesome and nutritious base. And a small addition of salt, of course.

Beans of some kind are included every day in the menu. We try to vary the kinds and use mostly organic dried beans that we soak overnight and boil the following day. That's the secret to make it taste the best! When we served baked beans we cooked them from dried white beans and boiled in our their own tomato sauce. No canned beans here! However, the green soy beans we buy frozen.

The bread we serve is almost always made using organic flour and sometimes baked using mother dough for a higher nutritional content. We try a great variety of breads and the selection varies almost each day depending on what has been produced fresh in the local bakeries.

We try to serve seasonal foods depending on what is locally available. I'm already longing for the domestic harvest of this year with all the good ingredients!

We look forward to seeing you at our table!
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